In order to provide an overview of the social dimension in higher education in the entire Bologna area, PL4SD developed a brief country profile for each EHEA country. The profiles provide information on overall strategies and policies regarding the social dimension, the composition of the student body, as well as tuition fees and student support in the respective country.

Download: Collection of all Country Profiles


Country Profiles on the social dimension in higher education for each EHEA country:

Albania Latvia
Andorra Liechtenstein
Armenia Lithuania
Austria Luxembourg
Azerbaijan Malta
Belgium/Flemish Community Moldova
Belgium/French Community Montenegro
Bosnia and Herzegovina The Netherlands
Bulgaria Norway
Croatia Poland
Cyprus Portugal
Czech Republic Romania
Denmark Russia
Estonia Serbia
Finland Slovakia
France Slovenia
Georgia Spain
Germany Sweden
Greece Switzerland
Hungaria The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia
Iceland Turkey
Ireland Ukraine
Italy United Kingdom/England, Wales, Northern Ireland
Kazakhstan United Kingdom/Scotland