The PL4SD project will carry out three country reviews between 2013 and 2014 as a pilot study.

The PL4SD country reviews have the aim of providing an external and comprehensive reflection and review of initiatives and measures undertaken by a country to support the social dimension of higher education.

The objective of the country reviews is to assist countries in the development of a coherent, comprehensive and effective national strategy for improving the social dimension of higher education. This result will be achieved through close collaboration between the external reviewers (who are recruited specifically for the country to be reviewed) and the national policy-makers and stakeholders involved in the country review.

The country reviews are not solely an impact assessment, but will focus more on process evaluation. This will enable them to evaluate and support measures, which have only just begun or are being implemented at present only at institutional or regional level, although they have the potential for being scaled up to national implementation.

The country reviews will identify good practices and possibilities for improvements. It is particularly expected that improvements can be achieved through the adoption of a more coherent, "joined-up" strategy for the social dimension, which cuts across, but recognises administrative and organisational divisions of responsibility.


Download Overview of findings of the PL4SD Country Reviews in Armenia, Croatia and Lithuania