The funding for PL4SD ended in 2015 and therefore the project team cannot undertake further project activities for the time being. However, the website will stay online at least for several years. Thus, all project results and information will be available for future use. Particularly the database of policy measures can serve as important instrument for policy makers and other stakeholders even after the end of the project. The project team will update the database in case additional measures are submitted and also will keep moderating the commenting section of the database.

In addition, the project team is currently looking for further funding opportunities in order to make the launching of a PL4SD follow-up project possible. Particularly in the last project phase the consortium developed ideas on how to shape such a project, including the launching of a series of conferences on the social dimension, continuing the country reviews, and further enhancing the database.

The realisation of these ideas depends on further funding. However, many stakeholders including the BFUG strongly expressed their interest in prolonging PL4SD because of its importance in the field of the social dimension. Therefore the project partners are confident that in near future an opportunity will arise that will allow the PL4SD team to continue and further enhance its work. All partners involved in the project remain motivated to further strengthen peer learning for the social dimension in higher education.

Please do not hesitate to contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in case you have any questions about the initative or our plans for the future!